Parking Spaces

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Parking Spaces

We all need our space, don’t we? Be it in life or for our cars, finding THE SPACE has become a pertinent and all the more a global issue today. Being victims as founders ourselves, finding a place to park our cars has always been a tedious task irrespective. With time, parking spaces have been getting harder to find and smaller to fit. And to fill this gap and serve a silent yet frustrated community of hustlers takes birth the idea of CAR PARK. A mobile app and a buddy that helps find space for our cars while we are busy hustling through life. Here to help bid goodbye to our parking woes, help aid traffic management and restore ease in everyday travel.

How It Work

The solution we came up with simply handshakes the car park owner with the car park seeker by virtue of a mobile app that takes care of commercially listing these car parks with the permission of the owners and also helps in monetizing the same. Customers are willing to pay a price for a space to park their cars irrespective of the time period they need it for, the only variable here being comfort of parking both via usability and speed.

Find a Parking Space

Now in 4 Simple Steps

SEARCH for the available spots near you
BOOK what’s the most convenient to your location
DRIVE to your ease
PARK and pay either online while pre-booking or via cash

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