How to Review Job Applications?

Review of job applications can be time-consuming, and lead to difficult decisions, so hiring managers should know what to look for, and how to get it, to make it easier in finding the right talent. After submitting a job, employers are faced with hundreds of resumes and applications of less than 50% actually qualified for the job. Resumes usually come via email, and someone looks at each one. Because of the volume, they have to make each decision in very few seconds.

Here’s how to do a faster job application review without sacrificing quality.

  • The basis for a successful job application review is a centralized database to manage your company’s recruitment efforts. The application tracking system will make hiring easier with job postings, appointments, resumes, and interviews.
  • Making the detailed report on performance analysis to grant their salaries
  • The central database allows you to collect information from candidates and make their programs searchable by keywords, skills, level of education, years of experience, and more. Then you can focus on the most promising candidates.
  • A centralized tracking system can also serve as an important information tool. Before starting a new hiring process, you can first look into your database of people who have applied for previous jobs.
  • In order to use your job application review most effectively, you need to know exactly what you want. Be as specific as possible when writing a job description and use the appropriate keywords to make your posting job search.
  • Now that you have the application storage and clear selection procedures, all you need is the ability to quickly update all new/incoming programs with the help of your tracking system.
  • To simplify this process, you need the ability to quickly determine whether a new applicant is “going” or “not going”. As a result, you are only submitting pre-tested and relevant applications to your recruitment team, which now has only the appropriate list of potential candidates.
  • Modern and up-to-date technology brings great power and flexibility to your job application review. You can import data directly from job boards or use a questionnaire to extract the detailed information you need to evaluate applicants.
  • An effective and modern applicant tracking system is key to keeping your team connected, engaged, and on track to make the right appointments.
  • Set clear workflow and use team notifications to inform employees of actions when needed and larger goals are achieved. You can also create alerts to let you know if the hiring process is taking too long.
  • The final step in reviewing a job application in a timely manner is the ability to make quick and efficient decisions. Ultimately, this depends on your team being able to work together and act, but if you follow the steps above, your team already has everything it needs to make a smart, data-driven decision.

If you are still using the old application tracking system, it is time to use modern workforce technology . "Your HR solution should 'recommend' people, professionals, programs, and management changes, rather than simply give you more reports to run." Get expert advice now!

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