How to Prepare and Conduct a Virtual Interview?

Phone and video interviews are especially becoming popular during the COVID-19 pandemic, and have become a defacto tool in the process apart from the current situation where governments around the world issued social distance guidelines to limit the spread of the virus. If these guidelines are to be appeased, many of these companies likely continue to rely on an Efficient Virtual Interview to make their hiring decisions.

The article is divided into two sections where the first part aids you in preparing to conduct an efficient interview and the second focuses on the best ways to conduct the interview.

Part 1 - Pre Interview Preparation
Purpose of The Job Interview

Hiring quality candidates requires a highly effective interview process. Invest your time in framing a detailed Job Description tailored to the position for which you are recruiting and make sure it’s still up-to-date.

Research The Candidate

It begins with a thorough review of the application materials (resume, cover letter, etc) but you can also look at their online profile. This will help in framing a pre-planned well-structured interview.

Test Applicant’s Skills

Testing candidate’s skillset before interviewing them can help you simplify the screening process from the bundle of resumes. Initial screening by an Automated Workforce Management Solution is serving a lot nowadays.

Part 2 - Interview Preparation
Script The Most Essential Questions

The engagement through senses is quite low in a virtual interview when compared to a face-to-face interview. Script out questions that will help you to understand the candidate and assess their ability to perform the role in question.

Create a Distraction-Free Zone

Eliminating as many distractions as possible is essential. Try to set the scene in a neutral way possible – a blank wall works well, and steady your laptop and webcam on a flat surface.

Test Your Technology

The most important step in this process is testing your technology. Ensure that you and your candidate are free from any technical issues. This will help you to make yourself time and avoid the start of a conversation with an annoying note.

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