How to Deal With a Long Hiring Process?

Do you ever realize the most important aspect of a hiring process? Yes, it’s “Time to Hire”. This metric remains one of the most important performance indicators for team recruitment. Taking longer to fill a vacancy not only increases costs per job but with it comes the risk of losing high-quality candidates. A study says that more than half of the job seekers lose interest if the hiring process is lengthy.

This article assists you to game up and improve your recruitment process by reducing the time to hire.

System Hiring Process

Sketch out the hiring journey in a more documented way including the expected average time of completion. Lanconic’s Smart Recruit helps to automate every step of the hiring process from sourcing to onboarding.

Collect The Right Data

Bigger the data, the shorter the hiring process. Gather the information regarding the time taken in each stage of the hiring process. Pick the most alarming numbers and improvise them.

Build a Prospect Pipeline

A talent pipeline with pre-screened job seekers is considered the most effective way of sourcing candidates. The Advanced Filter Option in Smart Recruit can help you get the candidates for a certain role from the ocean of resumes.

Optimize Careers Webpage

The careers page is the most visited webpage and is your way of "talking" to potential candidates. Optimize Your Careers page to reduce the time to hire.

Bundle Up Sourcing

Sourcing like paid advertising, social media advertising, referrals along internal database scrutiny has to be accelerated to hire faster.

Full-Length Hiring Platform

An end-to-end hiring platform helps to create a hiring workflow and map the tools at each stage. It should include a pre-screening solution, an applicant tracking system, and an onboarding solution.

Automate Scheduling

Robotize the interview dates, timings, personalized emails, etc helps to eliminate delays in the process and increases user experience.

Invest In An ATS

ATS can streamline your hiring process by getting your hiring team to work together and keep all candidate data in one place along with resume parsing, background checks, etc taking out the trouble of recruitment.

We heads-up to tell you that Lanconic’s Smart Recruit is one such kind with all the elements mentioned above resulting in lowering the time to hire a good candidate. Let’s embrace technology and build your digital reputation.

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