How to Write a Job Description for Hiring?

Describing a job in just a few words is not that easy to attract the most qualified applicants. Hiring great talent starts with drawing the attention of the right talent. The job descriptions are where you introduce your company and the work to your future employee. It can also be a great advert for applicants to know more about you while looking at a hiring post. A leading job listing site found that the job descriptions with less than 2000 characters reach up to 30% additional applications.

But how is it possible to write a concise description that includes all the job requirements, job duties, job responsibilities, and skills required to perform a role? Well, this article guides you in learning some tips to come up with an exciting job description.

Let’s dive in

  • Get the insights and thoughts of hiring managers or existing employees before articulating a job description.
  • Avoid internal terminology or jargons. For example, if you call it ‘Client Relationship Manager’ in your company and the commonly used term is ‘Accounts manager’, you will definitely miss the most interested candidates.
  • The job summary or the purpose is a two-to-four sentence overview that drives the candidate to apply for the job. It should include all those activities from day-to-day to long-term objectives of the company. Answer this question ‘How does this role contribute to making people’s lives better, or solve existing business problems?’ before writing a job summary.
  • Provide a specific job location to optimize your job posting so it seems to be higher in job search results.
  • Describe the key job responsibilities in five to seven bullet points, more specific to how the role contributes to the growth of the business.
  • Avoid generic descriptions like ‘You will be a part of the Operations team’.
  • Spotlight the meaningful benefits like bonuses, stock options, training programs, gym membership, wellness programs, work-life balance, etc.
  • Avoid the use of pronouns like his/her or gender-biased language. It was found that neutral wording on the job list paid 42% of applicants rather than listings containing gendered words.

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