ETMS (Employee Timesheet Management System)

Time is fleeting, and every single organization is focused on maximizing returns and increasing productivity. With the growth of technology, the ability to track and monitor employee performance and activity has improved tremendously. While it was a tedious task in the past with pen and paper, the new-age digital era has paved the way for better and efficient tracking methods. Lanconic, having more than a decade of experience in the HR industry, has transformed the utilization of timesheets. With the launch of Employee Timesheet Management System(ETMS), the company aims at automating employee work inputs and organized deliverables.

The evolution of timesheets has been remarkable. Although the primary purpose of timesheet was only for payroll, the modern day timesheet has much more to offer to business owners and managers. Using ETMS, managers can get a single holistic view of the entire workforce, making the company more productive with focused management. Irrespective of the size of the organization, ETMS offers a host of facilities including

Dashboard to see the bigger picture

With the timesheet app, companies can automate billing and invoice without spending much time manually. This efficient payroll processing improves financial costs and saves time. Since the invoicing is fully computerized, it helps in getting the reports of a project easily with minimal reporting time. ETMS in faster decision making the process as the downtime in preparing invoices is reduced considerably.

Assistance in time management

Timesheet, as the name denotes, was used only for payroll, ETMS has revised the purpose of timesheets with a variety of features. Using this system, managers can raise an invoice, measure performance, analyze time-hogging tasks at the click of a button. The complete transparency and support offered by ETMS have proven to be of great benefit to HR and project managers.

Management based on performance

For a company spread across continents or departments with on-site teams, monitoring employees and their performance become tedious. Using ETMS, managers can evaluate the performance of each employee at the click of a button. Assign tasks, track the working time, create a checklist for assignments completed from office. This feature is particularly favorable for companies when employees are working remotely or are distributed across locations

Reports to suit the needs

Since every company and its management is different, a standard template of reports will not suffice. With ETMS, managers can custom build every report to suit the current needs and extract the relevant information from the dashboard. This tailor-made reports are available in the solution at the click of a button thus assisting in management discussions and improves the time spent on deciphering the manager reports.