Employee Value Proposition - For A Strong Employer Brand

As attracting top talent is harder than ever, the consistent and efficient communication of the Employee Value Proposition (EVP) has become increasingly important. Let’s understand what it actually means, the key elements of an effective EVP, and how it contributes to establishing a powerful employer brand.

What Is An Employee Value Proposition?

Employee Value Proposition is a promise you make as an employer to your employees because of their commitment. This promise includes the total amount of all benefits and rewards that employees receive in the organization they work for.

The EVP must be unique, appropriate, and compelling if it is to serve as a key driver in attracting talent, engagement, and retention. It defines the brand positioning and strategic direction.

Why Is It Important?
  • Designing a unique EVP for your organization will greatly improve your talent discovery and retention, giving you a brilliant employer brand than your competitors.
  • It makes managing talent easy, even if you're trying to attract passive candidates.
  • It also assists the human resources team to spend less on recruiting agencies, job ads, marketing the employee brand, and other talent acquisition expenses.
What Are The Key Elements Of An EVP?

The EVP is more than just a paycheck. The value earned by employees for working in your organization may include, benefits and perks such as work-life balance and skills development assistance apart from financial compensation. Here are the most important elements of a successful employee value proposition.

  • Benefits - Health Insurance, Retirement benefits, Paid leaves, Club memberships, Coupons, Paid parental leaves, etc.
  • Career Stability - Leadership & Technical training, Sponsored courses, Career guidance, Personality development, etc.
  • Work Environment - Work-life balance, Working hours, Recognitions, Autonomy, Office space design, etc.
  • Relationships - Across hierarchies, Sense of trust, Collaboration, Team spirit, Culture, Communication, and many more.
  • Compensation - Financial offerings like salary, bonuses, and stock options.

Many employers and other HR Professionals now have plans in place to communicate their EVP and Employer Brand with current and potential future candidates.

A more innovative approach to the easy and effective delivery of these messages to employers is called Inbound Recruitment, and the whole idea of using recruitment and hiring marketing techniques is called Recruitment Marketing.

Recruitment marketing techniques are often done with marketing and hiring tools that make the whole process easier and more productive. With these tools, it is easy to communicate Employee Value Prepositions with the workplace through the engaging career site, automated email campaigns, social recruiting, and many more channels. In this way, employers can encourage Candidate Engagement and improve Candidate Experience.

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