Attract - Engage - Hire

EIPCS Smart Recruit is a cloud based enterprise recruitment software. It allows professionals to streamline the entire recruiting process effectively. The cloud based smart recruit enterprise helps you reduce time to hire automates your staffing process and provides you with the competitive tools to improve the productivity of your sales and Recruiting team.

We are here to cater to the technology needs of the industry. Over the years, we have gained a sharp insight into how to work and carry forth with solutions that simplify business operations. It is this understanding of what fits where and our experience with challenges that sets us apart from the rest. Use of AI to improve efficiency and effectiveness is only the beginning, eventually better use of the same will help in faster decision-making.

Resume Management

Parse, Collect and Extract resumes from multiple sources thus saving time and helping you to creating your own talent database with a Powerful Search and filters

Applicant Tracking

Track the applicant as it moves through your hiring process with data from multiple review stages capture with the applicant record

Careers Site Management

Post a Job Directly to a Job Site or your company Web Site career page, customize application forms saving precious time


Scheduling and conducting interviews can be difficult and time consuming, but is perhaps the most important step of the recruitment process. Interviews would allow a hiring manager to get to know a candidate quicker and more completely than messaging or reviewing a resume. Smart Recruit software is now equipped with more tools than ever before to assist with interviews.

Coordinate multiple schedule at one time Automatically link to a candidate profile for easy viewing and organizing Dramatically reduce the chance of errors disrupting the interview process and increase positive candidate experience. Set Alerts and Notifications