Careers Page Best Practices

Do you know that the most visited page of an organization’s website is its Careers Page? Also, Social media, word of mouth, and job advertisements help to attract potential candidates for your company. However, it all leads straight back to your career’s webpage. That means, your careers page has become a major marketing tool. Hence an engaging and effective site has become an edge.

This article shows some light on what should be written about on your company's career page to create an attention-grabbing site.

Exhibit Your Work Culture

The careers page is your way of "talking" to potential candidates before they become candidates. You can commit to explaining the attractive benefits, the balance of a healthy lifestyle, workplace images, and the opportunities for career advancement. But try to be realistic.

A Search Bar With Filters

If you have offices in different cities or even in different parts of the world, you face a challenge for the candidates to be able to search for jobs, especially in the area they want. Hence a search bar lets job seekers filter open positions based on keyword, location, and/or department.

Do Not Omit SEO

Carefully plan your SEO strategy for your company website - don't let it stagnate on the job web page. Use the general job titles that a search engine can read and lifts you up when a seeker searches for a job.

Mobile Optimization

Be there where the user is. Make sure that your site especially your careers site is mobile optimized. Also, a compelling headline has become a necessity for today’s careers sites. Develop a crisp mobile work page that conveys information with everything they need to know.

Clear Call To Action

Outreach the objective of your careers page by redirecting the job seekers to your desired destination with proper call-to-action. They can be ‘Apply now’, ‘View Open Positions’, ‘Watch Video’, etc.

Notifications Or Alerts

Confer the job seekers a chance to opt for a notification, newsletter, or an alert when you raise a new job opening. This will help the prospects to keep an eye on our company and also as a recall of your brand.

Along with the above, some features like Career site FAQs, Company values, Recruitment procedures, Social media presence, Existing employees’ reviews, Interview videos with top-level management, etc also adds a huge weight to your Careers site.

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