Our Story


Our Story

Lanconic is a team of experts in machine learning and Artificial Intelligence on a mission to empower the leading business with the power of smart technology intelligence. We focus on the tailored HR systems and IT consultants with the latest advancements and innovation for business. We have been working with clients that process and analyses the large datasets and we help them to automatically collect the clear insights from the large datasets.

We are the trusted global leaders in Human Resources, Manpower, IT solutions, Machine Learning, Data Science and AI-driven solutions. We incorporate the AI-driven solutions and leverage benefits in all our services. When comes to our product portfolio, Lanconic Inc. has full round end to end solutions for the Human Resources Industry along with custom solutions for the businesses.

Lanconic also offers a complete 360 degrees solutions for the HR domain. We offer Career portal- Career fetch, where applicants can upload their CV and get the right job and simplifying the procedures across the departments. At present, Lanconic’s Reliant is focusing on the E-clinical Trail solution which is expected to come on board soon.

Our Core Values

Technology with intelligence is what gives us the edge over our competition in the industry. We believe technology should enable business stakeholders to make improved decisions, and we help them do just that.

We are here to cater to the technology needs of the industry. Over the years, we have gained a sharp insight into how to work, and carry forth with solutions that simplify business operations. It is this understanding of what fits where and our experience with challenges that sets us apart from the rest. Use of AI to improve efficiency and effectiveness is only the beginning, eventually better use of the same will help in faster decision-making.

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