The company was formed with a vision where it wanted to be in the leader in the Technology domain by providing Solutions to solve practical day-to-day issues with Keeping in the Mind the future Requirements. Keeping this as the core competency, we have built Solutions which are technologically intelligent. Over the years, the company has worked with clients that process and analyzes large datasets. Managing claims and data science is a substantial challenge; with big data, Lanconic has helped them collect insights from large datasets automatically.

Our expertise lies in simplifying our clients’ relationships with the customers. We offer solutions for problems that could significantly affect your business. Focusing on delivering technology with Intelligence, Lanconic has been researching on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to leverage its benefits and incorporating the same in all our solution offerings

Under the Product Portfolio, Lanconic has a Complete End to End Solution offering for the Human Resource Industry – WCMS (Workforce Capital Management Solution). Apart from this, the company has custom solutions tailored made for Employees to manage their Time Sheets – ETMS (Employee Time Management System).

To give the HR Domain a full bouquet of Solutions, Reliant also offer a Career Portal – CareerFetch, where applicants can upload their resumes and get placed. It also provides a solution for On-Boarding New Employees into the company – thus simplifying the process across departments. Currently, Reliant is also working on an E-Clinical Trial Solution and expect to roll this out soon.

Now with the ever-changing business environment, Lanconic Inc has also forayed on to different verticals and domains, keeping its mission as its sole focus, delivering technology with intelligence.